Akore Pricing Software


The new market realities and dynamics that corporations face require the ability to see clearly, think clearly and act clearly with pricing adjustments on products with its customers. AKORE® PricingCRM provides a single platform solution that supports price notification for your core business processes with marketing & product managers, salespeople and customer service representatives.

  • AKORE® PricingCRM Integrates with SAP ERP to receive an import/upload of product pricing data to Capture, Search, Organize, Analyze, Track, Customize, Report, and Communicate on with your customers.
  • Disseminate pricing information through multiple output mediums, e-mail, fax and letter
  • Capability to distribute price quote information utilizing a template which includes standard T&C’s
    Flexibility to publish and disseminate pricing by various customizable pricing tiers
  • Managed customer data by multiple hierarchies in all categories
  • Communicating pricing data by common data elements: list price, special pricing, formula, discounts, rebates, ect..
  • Provides retention capability for information on all customer types
    Data retention for all price quote historical information
  • Record, track and close all customer inquires and or complaints
    Built-in document management system
    Local data control and maintenance by approved business units
  • Marketing and Product managers can review, design, execute, coordinate and monitor all product marketing initiatives with their perspective customers using your existing corporate T&C’s templates.
  • Collaborating with customers is streamlined using built-in Outlook integration, USPS labeling or fax.
  • Create your own company wide or personal categories to easily search ship-to’s, bill-to’s or anything that you require.
  • Salespeople can access their perspective module/customers to review current product pricing, account balances and credit limits or issues. They can also categorize customers, opportunities, prospects and target segments with differentiated products and services. They may review current and historical product pricing to quickly communicate with their customer.
  • Launch e-mail, attach documents directly from AKORE® PricingCRM
  • Customer Service Representatives taking inbound calls from customers can easily access an account to confirm, change or enter information. They may also log their calls with notes that are date & time stamped and easily see the history of all calls and notes for each customer account. All of this can be accomplished with just a click.

We are confident that no other solution available can match the functionality, features, reporting, interfaces, and overall capabilities of AKORE® PricingCRM. Want to learn more?

Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. professionals  work closely with our clients to develop and customize this application to fit our client’s type of businesses. We often write the SAP interface to AKORE® PricingCRM and fully test all functionality before going online in production mode.

For example Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. worked with HOLLY Corporation to customize this module into a Lube Order Management application. Businesses processes that used to take many man hours to compile data and communicate with sold to clients can now be done with two (2) clicks of a mouse! This was just the beginning, our final customized product for this particular client ended up saving countless man-hours which had a positive impact to the top & bottom line numbers.