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With the ever-increasing demand for efficient and seamless client management, AKORE’s TaxCRM software is a game-changer for tax professionals. With its powerful features, the software brings all client management under one roof by offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines workflow, enhances client communication, and increases efficiency. Professionals can easily manage clients using AKORE TaxCRM software’s intuitive interface, enjoying features such as document management, electronic signature integration, and appointment scheduling, all in one place. With TaxCRM, tax professionals can significantly increase their productivity and free up time to focus on what matters most – their clients.

AKORE® TaxCRM provides a platform for collaboration with data collectors, reviewers and final approvers which will remove the barriers to information and file sharing between tax, finance and other contributing departments. Document management functions like templates can be designed or uploaded, and staged in a queue setup for each governmental agency so updating information and numbers is easier and less time-consuming. Built-in AKORE® License Module allows clients to upload, manage and view these types of documents. Integrates with SAP© ERP and Microsoft Outlook©.

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Are you tired of switching between multiple apps to manage your clients’ tax information? Say goodbye to the hassle with AKORE’s TaxCRM software. Our powerful software streamlines the process of managing clients, allowing you to access all the necessary information in one app. From tracking client data to assigning tasks, our TaxCRM software ensures that everything is in one convenient location. Additionally, you can easily communicate with clients and monitor their progress through our intuitive dashboard. Simplify your tax management process and start using AKORE’s TaxCRM software today.