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AKORE® TaxCalendar™

A sophisticated tool used to automatically capture, generate, schedule, organize, manage and track tax returns and business license obligations.


Designed with one common goal. Provide Enterprise Tax Departments with a user friendly and robust tool, to enter, track and manage Tax Authority Contacts, Customer Calls and Inquires, Business License, Notices and store Customer exemption certificates.


Integrates with SAP© to bring in customer pricing records and allow for product pricing management and multimedia communications with customers on product pricing adjustments and changes.


Get it done. Don’t settle for applications that simply store contact information. Centralize it, organize it, search it, segment it, categorize it, report it, communicate it, and put it to work for you.


Advanced contact management software geared towards the personal use client who needs software to enter family & friends contact information. Robust tool is easy to use and install on your personal home pc.

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